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Cyber Range

Commercial super lab for Real-world team training

Solving the cybersecurity skills-gap

The Cyber Range has a rich content library which can be used to: strengthen the training of current cybersecurity team members, grow the skills of new cybersecurity recruits, test incident response plans and run Capture-the-Flag exercises.

What is a Cyber Range?

A Cyber Range is a controlled, interactive technology environment (similar to a fully functioning lab) where cybersecurity professionals can learn how to detect and mitigate cyber-attacks using the same kind of equipment they have or plan to have in their organization. The range simulates the worst possible attacks on IT infrastructure, networks, software platforms and applications.

How a cyber range can help your business

We can help you test your current IT security defense and train your employees to react quickly and effectively in a cyber attack
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The Process

Reasons for using a cyber range


Examine and gauge the cyber resiliency of your hardware, software, networks and enterprise maintenance and security operations which enables focused ICS/SCADA systems analysis through penetration testing.

Training & Education

Teams and individual training exercises can be conducted online for students or organizations looking to provide an assessment of skills and provide feedback on areas for improvement.


Scales from low, moderate to highly complex environments which allow for simulation of friendly and adversary systems and networks ranging from a single physical host to thousands of virtual hosts running in a computing environment.

Cyber Range Uses

Education courses and curricula
to implement basic and advanced cybersecurity testing and training for security operations, analysis, and forensic specialists. Currently we are partnered with the University of Calgary to implement a Cyber Range for students at the University
Situational operations
testing for new products, software releases, and organizational restructuring
Workforce training
for people moving into cybersecurity related fields and positions. Cybersecurity skills validation to evaluate candidates for cybersecurity positions.
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